Neil Young – Chrome Dreams II


Neil Young has been prolific in recent years, releasing material from his vaults in the form of early concert performances and new material.

Chrome Dreams II is a mix of newly recorded versions of songs written in the ’70s, and recently-written songs. Stylistically, it stays close to Young’s vision – which is to say he’s all over the map. Most of the cuts have the acoustic resonance of his earliest and best-known songs, from the Harvest, Prairie Wind, or Harvest Moon periods, with unamplified guitar with banjo and mandolin accompaniment. A few veer into amplified bombast and lengthy solos of the Crazy Horse incarnations.

But mostly, Young is comfortable here with regular contributor and multi-instrumentalist Ben Keith and several Crazy Horse longtimers. These are slow-to-medium tempo songs of introspection, searching, and longing, all consistent themes in the Young oeuvre. The standout cut, “Ordinary People” is an 18-minute paean to regular folk, but may simply be too long for non-fans to relate.

Fans will love Chrome Dreams II, and may compare it to Neil’s best, even knowing as they do that you get what you get from a Neil Young record. There’s good and not-as-good, but seldom bad. This one is mostly good, and no bad.

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