John 5 – The Devil Knows My Name

The Devil Knows My Name

The third solo album from the guy with the Tele, platinum hair, and heavy makeup, best known for his work with Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, Rob Halford, and Rob Zombie. Several of the 11 instrumentals include clues, quotes, and references to serial killers, but the distorted onslaught is as campy as it is sinister – not to mention impressive.

Zombie bandmates Tommy Clufetos and Piggy D. provide drums and bass, respectively, with engineer/co-producer Sid Riggs occasionally supplying the former and Matt Bissonette augmenting the latter. Joe Satriani cameos on “The Werewolf Of Westeria,” and “The Washing Away Of Wrong” features Eric Johnson. Slipknot’s Jim Root joins in on the flurry of double-picking on “Black Widow Of La Porte,” and all of John 5’s leads were reportedly doubled. Whatever – the results sound massive.

“27 Needles,” essentially a 12-bar boogie sped up and cranked to 20, is followed by the unaccompanied “Bella Kiss,” featuring harmonics, pedal steel-like bends, and Hedges-styled tapping.

John’s adaptation of Guns ‘N Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle” is the CD’s first single, but there are better songs here; “Jungle” doesn’t translate to an instrumental that well. “Dead Art Plainfield” is a stronger rock riff.

Mr. 5 shows that he’s more than a mere shredder, displaying tasty country fingerpicking on Chet Atkins’ “Young Thing,” and “July 31st (The Last Stand)” alternates between power ballad and an ambient, sort of sci-fi soundtrack.

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