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Amps for sale

Supro 1699R Statesman 50 Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head with 1799 Statesman 150 Watt 2 x 12 Guitar Extension Speaker. J. Rockett Matt Lettieri The Melody Signature Overdrive – Signed by Matt Lettieri All items unused, new inbox, and have never been removed from original packing boxes. Amp head box was opened to photo. J. Rockett effect box and signature inside pedal – Signed by Matt Lettieri. $1800 with FREE SHIPPING. (985) 518-8598 or

Sun Bass amp. 1969 concert bass head with 1×15 inch speaker cabinet. $700. Standel amp. MCIIG head with 4×12 cabinet. 1969. $700. Baldwin amp C-2 2×12. 1960’s. $600. All in good to great condition. Individual. Please leave message; will call back. (713)301-3496.

’77 Musicman 112-65 “One owner, MINT!” $775, Pictures available. Foxfire Guitar Studio (503) 462-3169 (leave voicemail) (OR)

1955 Fender Bassman 4 x 10″ 5E6 circuit 2-input narrow-panel tweed. Same as Rory Gallagher’s! I believe all original except for handle. Owned by me since 1974; in storage since 1978. Condition at least VG+. $8500. Prefer not to ship; located New Haven CT area. Pics available. email:

1956 Gibson Les Paul GA40 Amp Excellent Condition, Replaced power cord. $1700 OBO. (773) 896-5771 Chicago area, Pickup only

1962 Fender Bassman. Piggyback blond Tolex; Oxblood burgundy grillcloth. 40-50 watt famous Fender #6G6A circuit. Cab has 2ea. Oxford 12″M6-XG875 speakers. All original except new output tranny. SN02547. Sounds fantastic ! $2650.00 + shipping. (252) 717-7430

1964 Fender Twin Reverb exc. cond. $2395. 1964 Fender Super Reverb Exc. $2350. 1964 Deluxe Reverb Exc. $2750. 1964 Fender Vibroverb Restored $3295. 1965 Fender Electric Vibrolux Reverb Exc. $2850. Exc. Photos available. John Southern (918) 724-2642. (OK)

1973 Fender Pro Reverb Blackface 70watt Hi Output. All original. Tilt back legs. Black Tolex. 2×12″ Fender Special Design Speakers. Chimey and powerful ! Blackface sound w/ slight overdrive/gain. $1120.00 + shipping. (252) 717-7430

2003 MESA-Boogie F-100 2×12 combo. Celestion Vin30 speakers. 60/100 watts. 3 channel, very loud, singing tone. Excellent smokeless condition. Rarely gigged. Padded cover & factory casters. Footswitch. Famous Boogie tone & quality. Making room! $825 + shipping. (252) 717-7430

2006 Marshall Combo; Model 122- 2×12; 100/25 watts; 3 channels; TSL2000. 12″ Heritage & GT-75 for tone. Padded cover. Loud, classic Marshall tone. Excellent smokeless condition. Rarely gigged. Making room! $875 + shipping. (252) 717-7430.

Action Figure Studios – Dogu Custom Amplification, Hand-made in the USA for your unique expression. Instagram + FB (CA)

Fender ’69 Twin Reverb, replaced speakers. Very good $950.Griff (501) 362-5187 (AR)

Fender Tweed Twin, restored cosmetics original speakers, trannys, recapped, reconed excellent $7000. Fender Blonde 1964 Bandmaster and Cabinet. Aged Gold Grillcloth from Fender Reissue period. JBL 120’s footswitch excellent $1850. Fender 1963 transition Bassman Blonde Brownface, Gold Cloth, raised logos & JBL E-120 speakers can’t be blown, sounds great with guitar or bass $1850. Fender 1966 Blackface Bassman & small speaker cab all original, excellent minus $1350. John (918) 724-2642 (OK)

Gretsch Variety 125th anniversary Victoria-made point-to-point, 40 watt, 3×10 Jensen P10R, 3rd one made. Exc. shape.

Has you tone dun flown? Jorewiky Amplification tube amp repair. Fair prices on restorations, mod, et al. Expand your tonal horizons. (PA)

Johnson Millennium Stereo 250 Modeling Head Original cabinet plus footswitch. $650. VOX Super Berkeley III plus original 2 x 10 Bulldog speaker cabinet plus trolley, plus covers, plus footswitch. Mint-$1250. John Southern (918) 724-2642. (OK)

Kustom pleated amp avail. Amadeus (215) 463-4830. (PA).

Make your electronics SING again! All types of equipment restored, built, and repaired, foreign and domestic. Tube type or solid state, pedals, amps, instruments. Reasonable prices, ask our customers. We speak “Musician”!, (304) 229-6759, (410) 598-3874 (WV)

Over 500 vintage amps, speaker cabinets and raw speakers, private collector, see VG magazine Oct. 1999. Ray (347) 730-6116. (NY)

Valvetube Amplifiers – Custom built for you. (CT)

Vintage Vibrations. Classic., vintage style, hand-built, tube amplifiers. Boutique quality, without the boutique price. Also amplifier repair, restoration, modification. Only the highest quality parts and service. (847) 344-5034. (IL)

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