Blackmore’s Best

Blackmore’s Best
Onstage with Rainbow in 2016. Blackmore 2016: Fabrice Demessence.
Onstage with Rainbow in 2016. Blackmore 2016: Fabrice Demessence.

To help denote the 45th anniversary of the release of Machine Head, we asked subscribers to Vintage Guitar’s electronic newsletter, “What are your three favorite Ritchie Blackmore songs, riffs, or licks?”

Here are the 30 most-popular responses.

1 Deep Purple
“Higway Star”

2 Deep Purple
“Smoke on the Water”

3 Rainbow
“Man on the Silver Mountain”

4 Deep Purple

5 Deep Purple

6 Rainbow

7 Deep Purple
“Woman From Tokyo”

8 Deep Purple
“Child in Time”

9 Deep Purple
“Space Truckin’’

10 Deep Purple

11 Deep Purple
“Speed King”

12 Rainbow

13 Deep Puple
“My Woman From Tokyo”

14 Deep Purple
“Knocking at your Backdoor”

15 Rainbow
“Kill The King”

16 Deep Purple
“Perfect Strangers”

17 Rainbow
“Since You’ve Been Gone”

18 Rainbow
“Stone cold”

19 Deep Purple
“Black Night”

20 Rainbow
“Long Live Rock N’ Roll”

21 Deep Purple
“Strange Kind of Woman”

22 Rainbow
“Temple of the King”

23 Rainbow
“Catch the Rainbow”

24 Deep Purple
“Maybe I’m a Leo”

25 Deep Purple
“No, No, No”

26 Rainbow
“A Light in the Black”

27 Deep Puple

28 Rainbow
“Gates of Babylon”

29 Blackmores Night
“Minstrel Hall”

30 Deep Purple
“Rat Bat Blue”

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