Bucho – Omit the Harsh

Omit the Harsh

Bucho is a pretty amazing little band. They mix different music into what one would have to call “modern soul.” If you like funk, you’ll find lots of it here. If you like jazz, there’s plenty of that, too. There’s also a lot of old-school soul, with vocalist Gerald Pease being an exceptional singer. Mix in a little Afro-Cuban feel, and you’ve completed the blend that makes Bucho so interesting. The band reminds me of a lot of the Bay-area bands of the ’70s, and in fact, Cold Blood vocalist Lydia Pense makes a guest appearance.

There’s not a lot of high-profile guitar work here. Most of it serves as background, and Pease plays most of the guitars. You’ll find a nice, soulful solo on “The Touch” as it fades. “It’s Too Late” is an acoustic song that relies on guitar to set the table. “The Time It Takes/What a Day” is a mix of Latin and soul with fine acoustic to kick things off and chimy rhythm guitars once things get going. And “Medicine” features a great lyric and big-time funky wah. The string hero of this band is bassist Josh Lippi, whose bass drives much of the music. But the real heroes here are the songs. Everything’s well-written, musically and lyrically, arranged in interesting fashion, and performed with soul and grace.

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