The Marcus King Band

The Marcus King Band
The Marcus King Band

It’s easy to see why Warren Haynes has so much respect for young Marcus King. The 20-year-old guitarist, vocalist, and bandleader shows on his second record a command of pretty much all the major American music styles. Before the end you’ll hear songs that delve heavily into rock, blues, jazz, country, and everything in between.

Funk is everywhere. “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” is horn-driven soul with a melodic solo and a plaintive vocal. The slower, percolating funk of “Rita Is Gone” highlights the great lyric. The funky rock of “Plant Your Corn Early” gives King a chance to showcase some blistering rock licks.

As you might expect from a record produced by Haynes (he also adds guitar to the riff-based rock of “Virginia”) and one that features Derek Trucks on slide on the airy “Self-Hatred,” there’s plenty of Southern Rock roots on tap. In fact, the minor-key instrumental “Thespian Espionage” sounds like a long-lost Allman Brothers track with its dual guitar line and its jazz-meets-rock feel.

This band’s second record sets them, and King, up to be the latest in a line of great musicians that started with the original Allmans.

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