Brother Red – Kickin’ It

Kickin' It
Kickin' It

Let’s get down to bizness. B3 bizzness, that is. That’s what Brother Red be all about. Three piece. Sho-nuf! But now we got monstrous left hand and pedal B3 bass. No frills. “Cut to the quick” would be the order of this down-to-the-bone band.

Combine the Hammond talents of Red Young with the prodigious uptown blues guitar work of James Achor (late of the Royal Crown Review) and percussion work of Kenny Sara, and you’ve got a package that harbors the best of late-’50s/early-’60s trio work and has the stylistic doors open to what the millennium has to offer.

Of particular interest is how adept and comfortable Achor sounds with the various nuances this style demands. He ranks right up there with the Dukes and Juniors and Ronnies. About the only thing that could dress this past the 9s would be the Prysocks, Red and Arthur.

Make no mistake, the vocals are handled in fine fashion by the members within (even a great cover of Jackie Wilson’s “Baby Workout”).

With the resurgance of organ trio music and the success of groups like Soulive and Medeski, Martin, and Wood, this is well-timed release .

It’s great to hear Achor stretch in this blues format. With his musical feet planted firmly in the swing and jump tradition, this is merely an extension for a great guitarist.

Redhead Records,

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