Deke Dickerson and the Eco-Fonics – Number One Hit Record

Number One Hit Record
Number One Hit Record

Walk the dog, son…walk the dog! I love this CD. Deke covers the roots bases, from rockabilly to country swing to surf and everything in between. And he looks the part with his doubleneck Mosrite.

Where to start… From the rockabilly heaven of cuts like “Snatch It and Grab It” and “Can’t See the Forest For the Trees” (very cool dual lead lines) to the swing of “Lady Killin’ Papa” to the insane instrumental “Jumpin’ Bean” (with Larry Collins) to the ode to making out “Sparkin’,” this is just plain-old fun. Sometimes we tend to forget rock and roll was made to be fun. Just flip this CD into the player, and you’ll know immediately. My highest recommendation.

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