Supersonic Blues Machine

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Supersonic Blues Machine

Supersonic Blues Machine

Lance Lopez is a pentatonic-playing guitar monster who deserves a higher profile in the music world. His sinewy blues-rock tone and phrasing will leave you dazed and humble. He’s joined forces with bassist Fabrizio Grossi and veteran drummer Kenny Aronoff to form Supersonic Blues Machine.

This album is a collection of 13 songs that unapologetically borrows every blues-rock trope ever created – and the band plays the hell out of it. Lopez’ gritty vocals are a perfect blend of whisky rasp and soul.

But there’s more. The Reverend Billy F. Gibbons is on board as spiritual advisor authoring the album’s best cut, “Running Whiskey,” with bassist Tal Wilkenfeld. Gibbons’ influence permeates the album with a blend of Texas sizzle, roadhouse hospitality, and big-ass hooks.

Other guests include Warren Haynes on “Remedy,” Chris Duarte on “That’s My Way,” Eric Gales on “Nightmares And Dreams,” Walter Trout on “Can’t Take It No More,” and Robben Ford on “Let’s Call It a Day.”

Solid production and well-written tunes make for an inspired recording.

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