Mick Ronson – Play Don’t Worry

Play Don't Worry

I confess! When I was 15 years old, David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars seemed a little odd to me. When I got a little older, I realized what great rock and roll it was. So it was no surprise Mick Ronson escaped my notice. He was, of course, Bowie’s foil and guitarist during that time.

Well, thanks to the folks at Original Masters, here are a couple of great solo albums from the late rock guitarist. These followed his stint with Bowie in the mid-’70s, and they are wonderful. From killer covers of Pure Prairie League cuts (that’s right, PPL!), to Elvis covers (“Love Me Tender”), to killer originals, it’s a feast for the ears. Ronson proves himself an awesome rock player, not in the guitar god sense, but in the sense of putting every solo and every note exactly where it belongs. Nasty tones, killer note choice, and big, old, fat backing tracks highlight both CDs. If you like Bowie’s stuff from the early ’70s, or just rockin’ British-style tunes from the era, you’ll love these. A really cool surprise to run across. Highly recommended.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Nov. ’98 issue.

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