Hadden Sayers Band – Swingin’ From The Fabulous Satellite

Swingin' From The Fabulous Satellite

If tasteful, solid, rock is your thing, this band is for you. Storming out of Texas and led by guitarist Hadden Sayers, they blend blues, classic rock, country, and good old-fashioned pop music into a satisfying stew. The rhythm section, Steve Will (bass), and Eric “Magic Baby” Hansen (drums), propels Sayers on cuts like “Trippin’ Down to Mexico,” and “Kristi Don’t Care.” And Sayers’ solos take things to another level.

There’s something for everyone, really. From the rhumba/blues that turns into a shuffle on “Woke Up This Morning,” to the “Surf Medley” finale, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. There’s a part in the liner notes that apologizes for the music getting a little loose at some points. But you know what? That’s part of the beauty. This is the kind of band that helps keep the sorry ship of rock and roll upright every night in the bars.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Dec ’98 issue.

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