Soulive – Turn It Out

Turn It Out

There are so many things to love about this group. Two of the most endearing qualities that draw me back to this CD daily are still dominant after about 50 listenings!

Yeah, they can do all the linear passages you’d expect from a Grant Green /John Patton/Jimmy Mc Griff inspired organ trio, and as well the chordal movement under outwardly simple sounding lines, the great B3 bass pedals, all the classic early ’60s stylings are all present an accounted for. What sets Soulive apart from all the other trio groups is the fact that this outfit contains two sets of blood brothers. Yes that does add up to four!

The Evans Brothers (Alan and Neal) on drums and Hammond B3, and the Krasnos – Eric on guitar and Jeff as producer.

What this combination of blood and talent adds up to is an inherent ability to groove beyond belief. In a sixth sense fashion perhaps.

Quality #1 is the fact Soulive’s melodic sense is at the infectious and above level on this totally instrumental release, and that the material contains lines that keep you awake at night doesn’t hurt their chances for success.

Quality #2 is the mix on the bass pedals! It perhaps is what you notice first and I believe the aspect that gives this tried and true format a sound that is stronger than tomorrow’s headlines. And Neal kicks the crap of them!

The groove and the mix; when you think about it, what else is there?

It doesn’t hurt to have guests Oteil Burbridge and John Scofield funk things up even further on a couple of cuts. Which they do with half-step abandon.

This one is not to be missed! It’s up, it’s fun, and it’s exciting to know these guys are just getting started and you can say you knew them when!

Available from Velour Records, 47 Murry St., New York, NY 10007, phone (212) 766-8040.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Mar. ’01 issue.

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