E-H Offers Deluxe Big Muff, Nano Bass Big Muff


E-H Deluxe Big MuffThe Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff is a re-imagined version of the company’s Big Muff Pi, adding a footswitchable Mids section to tailor midrange response. Its Frequency knob allows varying the center frequency of the EQ while the Level control sets the amount of boost or cut. A High/Low Q switch selects bandwidth around the boost or cut frequency. A noise gate with an adjustable Gate control eliminates noise and hum, and the Attack control adds punch and clarity to notes and chords. It’s also equipped with an expression pedal input that lets the musician sweep the MIDS’ frequency in real time.

E-H Nano Bass Big MuffE-H’s new Nano Bass Big Muff tailors a guitar’s drive/distortion with controls for Sustain, Tone and Volume, and adds a Dry switch that mixes dry signal, at unity level, with the distortion. Learn more at www.sovtek.com.

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