Roy Orbison

The Last Concert 25th Anniversary Edition
Roy Orbison

Roy OrbisonRoy Orbison waxed optimistic about life and music on December 4, 1988, the day he played a concert near Cleveland and did a video interview discussing his dramatically revived career. Two days later, he suffered a fatal heart attack at his mother’s home outside Nashville.

This CD/DVD package includes a CD of the final show (previously issued in 2009) and a DVD with the final interview and seven performances (all Orbison standards), four from a 1981 California concert and three from a never-seen 1986 Texas show.

Never recorded to be released, the Ohio concert is mainly a historical document with notable fluctuation in vocal levels. One upside: compared with earlier versions, you can now hear what the band is doing.

Son Alex Orbison’s essay notes that his dad used his custom black Gibson ES-335 onstage while guitarist Bruce Pearson used Roy’s backup 335, having broken a string before the show. Vocals aside, Roy’s capable picking emerges on the other tunes. Orbison used the 335 on the Texas material, a black Strat on the earlier California tunes.

This is not the fabulous Black and White Night (which Legacy also recently reissued), but an interesting footnote for true fans.

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