Quilter Intros Aviator Deluxe


Qulter Aviator DeluxeQuilter Amplifiers’ Aviator Deluxe has 100 watts of output per channel and weighs nine pounds. Channel 1 (clean) has controls for Master volume and Tone Shaping, which scoops the tone to the left and has a pronounced midrange boost to the right. Channel 2 (gain channel) has controls for Gain, Low Mid and High frequency EQ, Master volume, as well as a Hi Cut, which has a high-frequency roll-off. Onboard effects are Reverb and Dwell (decay time, or how long the reverb lasts), and the rear panel has an effects send and return and Quilter’s proprietary direct out. It is covered in black tolex, and available with an optional foot controller. Read more at www.quilterlabs.com.

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