Kaukonen Opens Psylodelic Gallery


Kaukonen opens Psylodelic Gallery.Noted guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and his wife, Vanessa, are set to open the doors to their Psylodelic Gallery, at the Fur Peace Ranch Center for Art & Culture, in Meigs County, Ohio. The gallery’s first event will be the Psylodelic Sit-In, June 29, which will give area artists a chance to display work inspired by the psychedelic era. Kaukonen will host an interview with members of Big Brother and Holding Company to discuss their historical perspective, and the band will perform that evening.

A combination of booths from area vendors, merchants, artists, musicians, and activists, the Psylodelic Sit-In will also invite patrons to take part in family-friendly activities like tie-dye workshops, face painting, games, and contributing to an ever-changing art installation – painting “Darwin” the VW Bug. A sidewalk dressed like a guitar neck leads to a grain silo filled with posters, clothes, and history.

The gallery displays show posters from some of the best-known acts of the decade, clothing and jewelry worn at Woodstock, original photographs, art prints, guitars, and more. Video and audio storyboards allow patrons to record their own experiences, while found-art projects let patrons create their own art. The center will also host guest lecturers and speakers. In collaboration with local schools, it will host field trips, projects, and contests on the art, music, literature, clothing, and jewelry of the 1960s, and on community nights it will play films, concert footage, and a liquid light show for all age groups.

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