Gutiarist John5 Victim of Burglary

John5 victim of burglary
John5 with the Deering banjo stolen from his home.

Guitarist John Lowery (whose stage name is John5) and his family where the victims of a recent robbery at their Los Angeles home. Among the items stolen were several computers, sentimental and unique items, as well as the following instruments: a Fender Telecaster with serial number R33725 in Sparkle Silver finish; a Fender Telecaster with serial number V137811, finished in black with white binding; a Normandy Guitars Alumicaster, chrome-plated, with two humbuckers, no pickguard, and a three-way selector on the upper bass bout; a Gibson Les Paul with black finish and gold pickups; and a Deering Deluxe six-string banjo with serial number 02256103B.

Anyone with information is asked to contact local authorities and Lowery himself via his website (select “Info regarding stolen items” from the pulldown menu),

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