D’Angelico Intros Standard Archtop Reissues, Bass, USA Masterbuilt Series

PBG offers new D'Angelico-branded guitars, bass.
D’Angelico EXL-1

D’Angelico Guitars Standard models are reissues of John D’Angelico’s Excel archtops and are available in single-cut and double-cut styles. All have spruce tops, maple backs, and stairstep pickguards. The D’Angelico bass was inspired by D’Angelico design. The limited-run USA Masterbuilt Series guitars are built for D’Angelico by Premier Builders Guild (PBG) under the direction of Gene Baker and Art Esparza, at the PBG guitar workshop in Arroyo Grande, California. First in the series is the 1943 D’Angelico Excel, an an authentic update enhanced by modern hardware and appointments. To learn more, visit dangelicoguitars.com.

D'Angelico Bass
D’Angelico Bass

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