Weber Speakers Moves to Bigger Space


Weber Speakers recently moved into a new building in its home town of Kokomo, Indiana. The building has 12,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing, speakers, cabinets, and amps, and – for the first time – a place where customers can give a good listen to their product.

“This is really the first time we’ve had a showroom – a place where guys can try out gear,” said owner T.A. Weber. “We’ve been doing this 16 years, and in the beginning it was me and my father in a basement, then we moved up to a garage. Until now, we’ve never had a place where people can hang out and jam. It was all about building speakers and getting them out the door. This gives us a more-comfortable atmosphere. I feel good putting a sign out front.”

Weber Speakers are assembled by a staff of eight. “We build maybe 100 per day. It’s very custom work.” Learn more at

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