T-Rex Introduces New Delay, Reverb, Tremolo pedals

T-Rex Offers New Pedals
The T-Rex Duck Tail delay

T-Rex Effects’ Duck Tail delay pedal reduces a guitar’s delayed signal when its clean signal rises above a certain level. The effect enhances the atmosphere of quieter sounds, and with increased pick attack, its delay recedes to let the “new” notes cut through. It also offers traditional delay modes: Tape mode yields the most realistic reproduction of vintage tape-loop technology, and the Tap Tempo helps match the tempo of the delay repetitions to the beat by tapping your foot. The Room-Mate Junior reverb pedal offers four algorithms – Spring, Room, Hall, and LFO. Its Decay knob adjusts the length of its reverb trail in all four modes. The Tapster tremolo pedal allows the player to change the tempo of their tremolo pulse by tapping their foot. Learn more at t-rex-effects.com.

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