Price Guide Mechanical Requirements

    The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide Mechanical Requirements

    YOUR #1 VALUATION RESOURCE! The Guide gathers input from 35 of the world’s foremost expert dealers, each of whom brings decades of experience in the business. That’s one of many reasons it’s the most-trusted source for values!

    Thousands of guitar enthusiasts buy The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide and use it continuously throughout the year. Thousands more refer to it at guitar shows, guitar shops, and of course at the local bookstore. Their hearts are racing in anticipation of finding the guitar of their dreams listed among the thousands of entries. If only you could be there every time, to assist these people in owning that instrument. You can! Get ’em while they’re in the mood, put your ad right in the face of the buyer. When they look up their favorite instrument, your ad is in their hands. Who are they going to call? Advertising in the Price Guide is an easy and profitable way to sell more gear. The fact that space is very limited (less competition), gives you even more exposure. Call your friendly VG rep now at (800) 844‑1197 while there’s still space available.

    Size Width × Height Includes 0.125" bleed all around Price
    Full Page 8.375" × 11" Yes $2,753 Full-Color
    Full Page 7.25" × 9.75" No $2,753 Full-Color
    12 7.25" × 4.75" No $1,402 Full-Color
    14 3.5" × 4.75" No $778 Full-Color
    16 2.25" × 4.75" No $532 Full-Color
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    Space Reservation Deadline: August 23, 2019 (unless the ad space is already gone!)
    Materials Deadline: August 30, 2019.


    Logo Design, Ad Design, Special Requirements $50/hr.
    Photo Effects (silhouettes, drop outs) $20/ea.
    *Does not apply to camera-ready ads

    We accept:
      .jpg 300 ppi at actual size of ad.
      .tif 300 ppi at actual size of ad with or without zip compression.
      .pdf Please embed all fonts (or subset 100%).
        No OPI.
        Resolutions on color/grayscale images should 300 ppi at actual size and monochrome images 1200 ppi at actual size.
        Use Zip compression when available for color/grayscale images and CCITT group 4 compression for monochrome.
        No crop marks or registration. The PDF should be the same size as mechanical requirements above.

    Peek at the directory from The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2017. Publish all the contact info a guitar enthusiast would need to find your business.

    Directory Listing! • DEADLINE AUGUST 30, 2019

    Looking for an affordable way to get your name in front of guitar enthusiasts across the world with the most trusted source for vintage fretted instruments and gear pricing?

    A simple investment of $60 gets you a directory listing in the upcoming Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2020 with all the contact information a guitar enthusiast would need to find your business. Your listing will be featured in both the print and digital copies with a debut at the Amigo International Guitar Show in October 2019!

    › › REMINDER: all survey participants and advertisers in The Guide receive a complimentary directory listing. Leap from only a $60 directory listing to a full-color advertisement, thus you’ll receive that directory listing for FREE. Upgrade your advertisement – full, 12, 14, and 16 page sizes are available. Email Joan,, your directory information or call (800) 844‑1197.

    Directory Section Required Info Price
    Dealer Directory Company name, address, phone, fax, email and website address FREE with ad purchase or $60 alone.
    Manufacturer Directory Company name, address, phone, fax, email and website address FREE with ad purchase or $60 alone.
    Tech/Repair Directory Company name, address, phone, fax, email and website address FREE with ad purchase or $60 alone.
    Listings are placed in a special section of The Guide and are categorized by state.

    The Guide is the only thing that provides dealers and collectors with updates distilled into one indispensable tool. You never know when you’ll find that rare treasure, so don’t be caught without The Guide nearby.” – Nate Westgor, Willie’s American Guitars

    Submission - Advertising

    Call (800) 844-1197 to talk to a VG representative! Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST. If you are interested in advertising in Vintage Guitar or having trouble emailing your VG rep simply submit this form. The VG team will receive a direct notification that won't get caught up in email servers.
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    • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
      Allowed file extensions: jpg, gif, png, pdf. Max file size: 2MB.