Price Guide Mechanical Requirements

    The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide Requirements

    Mechanical Requirements

    Size Width × Height Includes 0.125" bleed all around
    Full Page 8.375" × 11" Yes
    Full Page 7.25" × 9.75" No
    12 7.25" × 4.75" No
    14 3.5" × 4.75" No
    16 2.25" × 4.75" No
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    Logo Design, Ad Design, Special Requirements $50/hr.
    Photo Effects (silhouettes, drop outs) $20.00/ea.
    *Does not apply to camera-ready ads

    We accept:
      .jpg 300 ppi at actual size of ad.
      .tif 300 ppi at actual size of ad with or without zip compression.
      .pdf Please embed all fonts (or subset 100%).
        No OPI.
        Resolutions on color/grayscale images should 300 ppi at actual size and monochrome images 1200 ppi at actual size.
        Use Zip compression when available for color/grayscale images and CCITT group 4 compression for monochrome.
        No crop marks or registration. The PDF should be the same size as mechanical requirements above.


    Space reservation: August 24th, 2018 (unless the ad space is already gone!)
    Materials: August 31st, 2018.
    5% off rate card when we receive your Insertion Order by June 22nd, 2018.

    Dealer Listing

    Free dealer listing with every ad! Includes your company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and web address. The dealer listings are placed in a special section of the guide and are categorized by state.

    Submission - Advertising

    Call (800) 844-1197 to talk to a VG representative now! If you are interested in advertising in Vintage Guitar or having trouble emailing your VG rep simply submit this form. The VG team will receive a direct notification that won't get caught up in email servers.
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    What Our Advertisers Say

    “It’s my most effective advertising tool; I get calls from people reading the magazine everywhere from Europe to the swampiest parts of middle America. Every time a new issue is delivered to readers, I get calls.”
    – Nate Westgor, Willie’s American Guitars

    Vintage Guitar readers have real buying power – much more than just internet “views.”

    Print and Social Media Readers Our Readers’ Stats
    Magazine Readership
    110,000 uniques monthly
    Average age
    • Level of Playing
      Pro: 10.3%
      Semi-Pro: 18.6%
      Experienced: 38.3%

    47.6% of Vintage Guitar readers report a household income of more than $100,000 per year!
    77% refer to the magazine when making buying decisions.
    83% plan to buy one or more guitars this year.
    More than 54% plan to buy one or more amps in the next year.
    83% purchase pedals.
    56.8% own basses.
    VG readers will spend more than $63 million on new gear this year!