Never Too Many

Never Too Many

Teardrops from Heaven

Here’s my rather diverse (if I say so myself) collection. Left to Right (front): Ibanez A/E Classical ’03, Yamaha Bass ’99, Danelectro Longhorn Reissue ’98, Kay Value Leader Bass ’61, Crestwood Mandolin ’07, Kay Value Leader ’64, Kay Single ’65, Stella Cowboy ’05, Guild D-356 ’75
Top Row: Santana SE ’01, Danelectro U-1 ’57, Fender three-bolt Strat ’76, Epiphone Riviera ’68, Silvertone Jupiter ’61
Amps: Epiphone Valve Jr. ’07, Peavey Classic 20 ’95, and an ’01 Peavey Classic 30.

Oliver amp and Gibsons
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