Snyder wall 1

Snyder wall 1

Teardrops from Heaven

TOP – 84 Ibanez Pro Line,87 American Standard Strat with custom rosewood pick guard, 86 Ibanez Talman, – BOTTOM -2012 Tweedy SG, 1969 LP Delexe/conversion. AMPS -Bogner Duende-mono, Custom Rack with Crown DC 300 and two Yammaha SM12s for stereo. LITTLE GUYS UP TOP- Yamaha Guitilele and Washburn Mando.

TOP - Schecter Diamond Elite 12 string,  Schecter Diamond Elite 5 string bass. BOTTOM - Ibanez 2002 Artcore arch top, 1980 Electra Phoenix bass, 2005 Wechter Pathmaker Lacewood.  LITTLE GUYS UP TOP- Raisin Band!
My herd
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