Teardrops from Heaven

I have been playing for 35years and have owned a variety of guitars. In my search for tonal excellence I have today the following in my collection. Top Row – Left to Right 1. Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos classical (Brazilian); 2. Santa Cruz 000 (Brazilian); 12 fretter; 3. Bourgeois OM Custom (rosewood); 4. Carter-Poulsen G-model (Brazilian); 5. Fluke Ukulele. Bottom Row – Left to Right. 1. Taylor 614CE; 2. Jeffery Yong JJ-MTP1; 3. Martin 000-42M EC ; 4. Martin D-28 (1949; Brazilian); 5. Suwig Baroque Parlor Single 0 Linggua; 6.Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary; 7. Fender Stratocaster 50’s Road Worn; 8. Fender Deluxe Hot Rod ; 9. PRS Custom 22 20th Anniversary. Front Row. 1. Fender Champion 600; 2. Fender ’57 Champ

The Wide Shot

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Giveaway #166

Enter to win a Seaverb Reverb by Andrew Green Pedals, valued at $160! The Seaverb was designed to replace an onboard spring reverb with a...
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