My Modest Collection

My Modest Collection

Teardrops from Heaven

Back row: 1968 Fender Bandmaster 2×12″ piggy back (early ’60s?) 2002/’03 Gibson Goldtone GA-30 RV.

Middle: ’05 Vox AC30 CC1 (1×12″).

Bottom: Marshall JTM 45 in a custom-color 18-watt cab (1×12″ Celestion Vintage 30, ’64 Gibson Skylark (15 watts, 1×10″), ’68 Fender Bandmaster (’66 15″ Jensen Concert Series speaker).

Guitars from left: ’01 1957 Historic Reissue Les Paul Custom, ’04 1957 Historic Reissue Goldtop, ’03 Firebird V, ’04 1957 Historic Reissue refin in Iced Tea, ’04 1957 Historic Reissue (limited) with ebony top and light back.

The Gangs All Here
My Metal Mayhem

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