Guitars & Amps

Guitars & Amps

Teardrops from Heaven

Front row l – r: 2000 Rogue resolectric, 1954 Gretsch Country Club, 1949 Gibson ES125. Back row l – r: 1967 Rickenbacker 450-12, 1972 Fred Gerlach #16 Red Cedar & Brazillian Dreadnaught, 1988 Martin D-18 retopped & renecked by John Battit, 2000 Charvel 425 12-string. Amps l – r: Traynor Guitar Mate student amp hopped up to 65 watts by John Battit, 58 Magnatone 460 true Stereo Vibrato, 1965 Fender Twin Reverb w/JBL D120F spkrs. purchased from Jerry Garcia in 1966. Photo submitted by Mike Wilhelm.

The Wide Shot

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