the arsenal

the arsenal

Teardrops from Heaven

top row left to right: 64-ES-125TC,58 Epi Zephyr,90-ES-335,64-Epi Sorrento, 67-ES-330,99-LesPaul Classic,99-Les Paul Classic Plus,99-Ash Tele, 04-Ash Deluxe Strat.
middle row left to right:93-Martins-Custom Shop D-41,70-D35,56-0018,Epi’s-65-Cortez s/b ,65-Cortez natural, 52-Gibson Southern Jumbo, 54-Country Western.
floor left to right:early 60’s Harmony Stratotone,Fender-65DuoSonic,92-Tele, 65-MusicMaster,early 60’s Aldens Stratotone.

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Enter to win a Seaverb Reverb by Andrew Green Pedals, valued at $160! The Seaverb was designed to replace an onboard spring reverb with a...
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