amps, guitars, pedals

amps, guitars, pedals

Teardrops from Heaven

Veleno, Travis Bean 500, two Travis Bean artists, Amps from right, Fender tweed Bassman, Simms Watts 200 watt 4×12″ Allen tweed reverb unit, Magnatone Troubador model 213, Simms Watts-200, Simms-Watts 100 watt 4×12″, 1963 fender brown reverb, Marshall ss reverb, Hiwatt SA-412, Hiwatt reverb, Hiwatt SA-412, FRONT- 1962 Fender Super, 1964 Fender Vibroverb. Various Tycobrahe, Boss, Maxon pedals

1963 Gibson ES-355
David's collection

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