Emma and her daddy's guitars

Emma and her daddy’s guitars

Teardrops from Heaven

Emma is fascinated with her daddy’s guitars and wanted to have her picture taken with some of his faves:
Bottom row- ’89 Charvel 275, “62 strat reissue, ‘999 Gibson SG special, ’05 LP goldtop standard, ’05 Fender custom shop 51 Tele NOS one-off (really),’52 reissue tele, ’85 G&L Broadcaster (Leo signed)
Top row- SRV strat (modified), ’57 reissue strat, ’75 gibson Hummingbird, ’63 Epiphone Seville, ’03 Taylor 314
Amps: ’82 Fender Princeton, ’05 Twin reisue, ’05 Marshall DSL 100 half stack

Me in heaven! Vox and Two Strats
The Misfits
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