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Weapons of Mass Construction

Weapons of Mass Construction

Guitars (l to r)
- ’96 Fender JG26SCE acoustic (on the couch)
- ’63 Stratocaster, finish by Strings & Thing of Memphis in ’71, early Schecter pickup at bridge
- Mid-60s Teisco E-112
- ’69 SG Special with original hangtag. (original owner)
- Early 80s Roland G202 synth guitar
- ’03 American Deluxe Strat (on the couch)
Amps (l to r)
- ’64 Fender Super Reverb
- ’65 Univox U305R with original 15″ Jensen. Original Owner. Still have original hangtag, but not shown.
- ’63 Custom Kraft Fireball, model 600
- (behind) 4 x 10 cabinet loaded with late 60s Emminence
Effects (roughly l to r)
- Ibanez DM100 Digital Delay (on top of the Super)
- Late ’60s Maestro Phaser PS1a with original vinyl case, owner’s manual, and warranty card.
- ’80s Ibanez Delay
- ’90s Rocktron Hush Pedal
- ’80s Boss Chorus CE3
- ’80s Westbury Tube Distortion W20
- ’80s ProCo RAT
- ’80s Boss Compressor
- Mid ’70s ElectroHarmonix Clone Theory
- ’80s Pearl Chorus Ensemble CE22
- ’60s Apollo Surf/Tornado/Siren/Volume/Wah
- ’80s Korg Foot Balancer
- ’80s Roland GS300 Guitar Synth
- ’80s Roland GR100 Guitar Synth
- ’80s Roland US2 A/B Switch
- ’71 Univox EC80 Echo Chamber. (on top of the 4 x 10, original owner)
- Late ’70s Multivox Chorus (on top of the 4 x 10)
- ’80s Roland GM70 MIDI Converter (on top of the 4 x 10)
- Unknown Vintage DeArmond Contact Pickup, possibly for an upright bass. (on top of the Fireball)

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