My siblings!

My siblings!

Teardrops from Heaven

My extended family!
(Left to right) ’98 Gibson CL-50 Supreme; ’01 Fender Hot Rod Double Fat Stratocaster in Sienna Sunburst; ’02 Fender American Series Fat Stratocaster in Transparent Teal; ’94 Fender Telecaster in Black; ’01 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue in Beale Street Blue; Danelectro ’59-DC reissue with Jerry Jones pickups and new (real!) bridge; ’01 Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck in Alpine White; ’02 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24, 10-Top in Teal Black; ’01 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus in Honeyburst; ’04 Gibson Les Paul Standard DC in Transparent Black; and a ’01 Gibson SG Supreme in Midnight Blue Burst. Behind them is (From L-to-R) a mid-90s Fender Twin Amp; a Zoom Fire-15 amp; a Rivera Chris Duarte model amp; and a mid-80s Marshall JCM 800, series 2204 sitting on top of a Marshall halfstack. Thank you for the opportunity to share my family with you. And thanks for a great magazine!

Weapons of Mass Construction
Good-looking trio

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