Good Stuff

Good Stuff

Teardrops from Heaven

Top left to bottom right. Ovation 12, Martin Special Ed SWOM, Gibson LP Custom, Gibson Amber Les Paul Standard (from Dave Amato REO Spdwgn), Fender 1965 Jaguar, Fender 52 Tele Reissue, Fender Cust Shop ’57 Relic #7 of 10, Epi Lucille signed by BB King, Steinburger Bass (from Bruce Hall REO Spdwgn) Jackson Custom Shop Soloist (from Dave Amato), Late model Dano double neck,Fender Eric Clapton Signature Editon, signed by Eric, 1964 Hofner 172II (my first guitar).

Guild X-175
Gibson guitars/Fender amps

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Giveaway #166

Enter to win a Seaverb Reverb by Andrew Green Pedals, valued at $160! The Seaverb was designed to replace an onboard spring reverb with a...
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