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Description: My 3yr old granddaughter & I always love to look at all the beautiful guitars in your great mag & while looking at the Father's Day issue she said " Pops why can't we put my guitars in the book? Their beautiful too? After a second I thought " why not? " she has her own collection of 29 ! So here is my granddaughter  SUNDAY  ROSE ROBINSON 's  collection ,all in perfect working condition.....3years old!
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  1. alienralph
    Posted June 3, 2013 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    99 Jackson RR
    Alvarez acoustic
    LP copy
    Kramer Focus 1000
    69 Kingston
    Balalika, StPetersburg Russia
    Epiphone LP Junior
    58 Stella cello guitar
    3/4 hondo ,Chet Atkins autographed
    all maple pawnshop acoustic
    Rogue stater
    cigar box axe
    59 Gibson Skylark
    thanks ALIENRALPH !!

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