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4 Champs and 4 guitars

4 Champs and 4 guitars

L-R back: ’70’s Champ Brownface, ’70’s VibroChamp Blonde, ’70’s Champ Silver Face, ’80’s Super Champ; L-R Frnt: Fernandes LE-2, Danelectro U2 RI, Yamaha EGV103C, ’97 Squier Jagmaster

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  1. keithats@gmail.com
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    As you may know, Fender never made a Brown-tolex Champ of this style nor did they make a Blonde-tolex version. These were custom cabinets that I built. I also created the brown face plates using Autocad for the layout and laser-etching brown-painted aluminum plate, then drilled the component holes. The Chassis’ are from a ’70’s Silver-face Champ and Vibro-Champ. They were labor-intensive make-overs. Thanks for looking and any comments would be much appreciated.

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