My favorite things.

My favorite things.

I finally found time for a photo shoot: These are the pieces most likely to get the daily call. The fretted and fretless Musicman Sterlings are from ’95 and the G&L SB-2 is from ’83. I could survive with just these three if necessary, but I love nice gear on many levels. The 8-string Zon Sonus was featured in a Bass Player magazine review in ’96, long before she came to me. I wiped off the drool from those old pages to find a perfect match in grain. The Sonus 4/2 is from 2000. Bass is my main gig, but I certainly enjoy my ’95 Hamer Eclipse, ’52 Champion steel and ’03 Tacoma M-1. Everyone should own a Gon Bops cajon. Amps are an SWR Baby Blue II and an Allen Classic 10. Homemade modular pedal boards and an Olympus LS-10 round it out. Fun stuff, indeed!


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