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Gary Clark Jr Vintage Guitar magazine Epiphone G-400 autographed

photo: Frank Maddocks

CLICK HERE to sign up for VG’s FREE e-newsletters, Overdrive, Signal Chain, and Acoustic. Each month, subscribers can win prizes. This month, you can enter for a chance to win an Epiphone G-400 in worn cherry signed by Gary Clark Jr. with a retail value of over $500!

Find Gary’s new release, THE STORY OF SONNY BOY SLIM, here www.garyclarkjr.com, also available at Amazon and on iTunes.

Here’s What Vintage Guitar magazine says about his new album.

Gary Clark Jr. the story of sonny boy SlimGary Clark Jr.
The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

If listeners haven’t figured out that Gary Clark Jr. is more than a blues revivalist, his second full-length studio album should provide a cold hard slap of reality. This disc shows fans – as well as any eye-rolling skeptics – what he’s truly made of.

As producer, Clark also wrote, arranged, and played most of the instruments here. Recorded by Bharath “Cheex” Ramanat and Jason Sciba, with background vocals by Clark’s sisters Shawn and Savannah, it’s an album that offers further insight into Clark’s musical aesthetic.

The record is solidly ambitious, successfully integrating hip-hop, blues, gospel, rock and roll, and neo soul. This should be no surprise. He’s been doing it all along, but depending on where you get your media, you may only have seen him as the young disheveled bluesman who sings “Bright Lights.” He has a lot more going on, and you can hear his scope and production chops here.

The album begins with a gutbucket hymnal complete with background noise, sung by Christopher Copeland (“I’m a hard fighting soldier and I’m on the battlefield”).

This segues into the slow funk of “The Healing” with its atmospheric blues guitar, hip-hop-approved shouts, and gospel backup. It’s the introduction to a buffet of African American music – a black fusion record, minus the jazz.

“Grinder” continues with its hypnotic groove, soul-saturated vocals, and feedback guitar. “Our Love” fulfills his predilection for heart-tugging ’60s R and B ballads with falsetto – and if you think Clark’s influences are narrow, he whips out an acoustic guitar and harmonica for the gospel-inflected folk of “Church.” This earthy, moving performance is what separates him from his guitarslinger peers.

“Hold On” is a standout track that mirrors the hard luck and trouble heard in traditional blues. It takes on a modern blend of funk and hip-hop, as Clark wails fiercely on guitar.

This is a modern retro-soul record. Clark’s production is devoid of unnecessary slickness, and has a consistent DIY quality that puts artistic sensibility first. There’s love-struck crooning, real-deal blues soloing, rock and roll, and some interesting production choices. Nitpicking aside, it’s a strong record from an artist continuing his ascent. – Oscar Jordan

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    Had an original Ibanez Tube Screamer (the green TS one) that I sold years ago. DUH! Would be great to win a new pedal-thanks for the opportunity to win one!

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    Last time I was doing Session work at Pyramid in NYC I went into SAM ASH and saw some gorgeous guitars well made boutique and great tone quality I could use a Gift card to get started *)O(*Tall Cotton Productions /Blues Choir

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    The most recent giveaways are just over the top! The Epiphone SGs are great sounding guitars and are way better than a lot of guitars in their price range and even many costing hundreds more, in both playability and build quality…of course having it autographed by none other than Gary Clarke Jr. really makes it an incredible prize.The E-H pedals are also a fabulous prize package,Mike Matthews-the electronics wizard who founded E-H-has made dozens of models of stellar pedals over the years and they are of the highest quality and are built as sturdy as battleships.I have owned and gigged with E-H pedals for over 40 years and my old ’70 Big Muff Pi is still as good as new as are all my other ’70s vintage E-H pedals.Keep on having such brilliant giveaways and your readership will grow in leaps and bounds!!!!!

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