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Xaviere XV-900 Vintage Guitar magazine Giveaway
The Xaviere XV-900 is a classic 335-sized Semi Hollowbody. Arched laminated maple top and back with maple rim covers a solid maple block that runs from neck to endpin. Alive and sonically warm, it still handles feedback well and can play at very loud levels. A pair of our famous GFS Fat Pat alnico humbuckers gives the XV-900 the tone and response of a much, much more expensive instrument.
Xaviere XV-950 Vintage Guitar magazine Giveaway
The Xaviere XV-950 Hollowbody Guitar features premium construction, upgraded hardware and a pair of our famed GFS Retrotron pickups. The hand-laid maple laminate construction produces a lightweight very strong guitar that has no center tone block for maximum tone and body. a 1/2: thick trestle supports the bridge area to reduce unwanted feedback and howling yet preserve the fully hollow feel and tone.

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