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: $ 7,620.00

1973 50 watt BIG BOX..recovered..otherwise a LOT 100%..all orig internal tubes!..$1750

new 1960 Lead 4x12..300 watt cab..angled..NEW condition..$595

1992 Anniv 6100 head and TWO matching blue cabs..find another anywhere!..FULL stack, ftswtch looks NEW..$2500

2006 DSL 50 watt, serviced, ftswtch, Mullard EL34s, new Ruby and Tungsol pre amp tubes!..$525

1998 4100 HI GAIN Dual Reverb, 100 watts, 2 button ftswtch, MATCHED Groove tubes..$700

and finally
2001 JMP-1, Mesa Boogie 2:50 stereo power amp, all in SKB hsc (rolling)
SKB is 6 space rackmount..a super set up..Mesa has new Ruby EL34s (4)..asking $1250 for whole thing!
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