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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Buddy Guy

Living Proof

As he did on Guy’s Skin Deep, drummer/producer Tom Hambridge co-wrote all but one song, with Guy or Gary Nicholson; he penned the title track by himself. But whereas the 2008 effort called in a relatively small cast of session players, here the ensemble is pared down to almost a single rhythm section – David […]

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Schaller Offers New Da Vinci Tuning Machines


Schaller’s new Da Vinci tuning machines use a redesigned worm gear the company says offers the precision normally associated with enclosed/greased machine heads, and has a “window” made of scratch-proof UV-resistant polycarbonate. They’re available in a variety of finishes, including 24K Fold, Nickel, Ruthenium, Chrome, SatinPearl, BlackChrome, SatinChrome, and VintageCopper. See more at   […]

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Hot Club of Hulaville

Django Would Go
Hulaville Recordings

When they hand out the Grammys for CD packaging, the Hot Club of Hulaville should have their acceptance speech ready. The deluxe edition comes in an air-mail-styled folder with separate replica Django Reinhardt passport, fan-letter reproduction, and an “issue” of the Waikiki Beach Gazette heralding the band. Great stuff. Oh, and there’s also the CD […]

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Lace Intros Matt Pike Signature Pickups


Lace Music’s Matt Pike Model signature pickup set is designed to Pike’s specs. They can be split for single-coil tones and measure 15.8k in the neck position and 19k in the bridge. Learn more at

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Ernie Hawkins

Whinin' Boy
Corona Records

Ernie Hawkins is a genius of the acoustic guitar who has mastered the country-blues stylings in the vein of Reverend Gary Davis. On Whinin’ Boy, he finds himself in a band setting more than on past records. His guitar is the foundation for fine playing by Paul Consentino on clarinet and Joe Dallas on Trombone. […]

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Ron Dziubla

Some Strange Blues

Lately, Dziubla (pronounced JOObluh) has become the saxophonist of choice for everyone from Ricky Martin to Duane Eddy – with sessions with Deke Dickerson, Elmore James, Jr. and the soundtrack to Burlesque along the way. If this were Vintage Saxophone magazine, it would only be a matter of time until he graced the cover. Instead, […]

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John McCutcheon


John McCutcheon is one of a small minority – an unabashed folk singer. On Passage, he performs 14 new original tunes that demonstrate his mastery of the idiom known as “folk music.” McCutcheon’s subject matter touches the usual folky bases – love, social injustice, the sea, family, travelin’, death, and food. But what makes this […]

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Johhny A Victimized in Burglary, Guitars Stolen


Boston-based musician Johnny A told VG that upon his return November 12 from a tour overseas, he discovered that three guitars had been stolen from his home in Salem, New Hampshire. The thieves broke a window then escaped through a door as the house alarm sounded. The instruments included a ’68 Gibson EB-2D in Burgundy […]

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Various Artists

35 Years
Bear Family Records

Richard Weize and his Bear Family Records are based in Germany, but few have done more to preserve American roots and other world music. Weize is dedicated to seeking out and reissuing the great, the lost, and the unknown. He has dug through record-label archives, discovered unknown alternate takes, unearthed the rumored closet skeletons, and […]

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National Guitar Museum Exhibits Eight-Necked “Rock Ock”


The National Guitar Museum recently unveiled what it is calling “the world’s largest fully playable multi-necked stringed instrument” as part of its permanent collection. Called the Rock Ock (a nod to the “Spider-Man” villain with eight arms), it weighs 40 pounds, has 154 frets, 51 strings, and 51 tuning pegs. Comprised of a mandolin, ukulele, six-string, […]

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