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Steve Cropper

An MGs/Rascals Soul Summit

Before they were called Booker T. & The MGs, the first song the house band for Memphis’ Stax label cut on their own was the instrumental “Green Onions” – which went to number one on the R&B chart and number three on Pop in 1963. Since then, Tele man Steve Cropper has become perhaps the […]

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Martin D-18 1937 Authentic and OMC-1 Fingerstyle

Display Their Heritage

Martin D-18 1937 Authentic The first thing that catches your eye as you open the case of Martin’s D-18 1937 Authentic is the guitar’s unmistakable vintage vibe. Whether you’re drawn to the nickel-finished open-back Gotoh tuners, the tinted Adirondack red spruce (more…)

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Ricky Phillips’ Fender Custom Shop five-string


Ricky Phillips with his Fender Custom Shop bass in 2008. Photo: Willie G. Moseley. Most professional guitarists or bassists, upon reaching a certain level of success, are seen as (more…)

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Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy, ’74 Phase 90 and Buddy Guy Signature Wah


Legendary pedal builder MXR/Dunlop recently introduced a sweet trio of effects; something new from its Custom Shop in the form of the Carbon Copy analog delay, something old in the form of a nuts-on reissue of the ’74 script-logo Phase 90, and something with (more…)

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Mark Selby – Nine Pound Hammer


What may be Mark Selby’s best album earns the title in part because his guitar playing is more prominent than it was on his previous efforts. This is essentially a trio record, with Selby delivering notes in all the right places and tone about as perfect (more…)

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Redd Volkaert

Reddy and Willing

For Redd Volkaert, 2008 has been a good year. His band, Heybale, released an excellent debut in the spring, and with summer came his fourth solo disc, Reddhead. He’s on the sweet side of a career that began (more…)

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West, Bruce, & Laing – Why Dontcha


When one third Cream and two thirds of Mountain joined to form West, Bruce & Laing in 1972, expectations were not exactly high. This, their first album, was a decent effort and enough to appease fans of both bands. But how does the music hold up (more…)

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Carl Martin Vintage Series Pedals

More Effect, Less Coin

If you’re the type of hardcore gear geek who spends as much time evaluating guitarists based on what’s in their hands, rigs, and pedalboards as you do actually listening to what they’re playing, then you’ve probably noticed that a lot of pros (more…)

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Hughie Thomasson

The Outlaws Ride Again

The Outlaws. Photo: John Gellman. (Ed. Note: This article originally appeared in VG‘s October ’06 issue. Hughie Thomasson passed away in September, 2007.) Hughie Thomasson was a founding member of the Outlaws and played guitar in Lynyrd Skynyrd for nine years. He’s (more…)

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Gibson R&D Electric Guitar

Crude Beginnings

Alvino Rey and the prototype lapsteel he has kept for more than 61 years. Photos: Lynn Wheelwright Talk about skeletons in your closet!! Believe it or not, this is the first electric guitar from the prestigious Gibson, Inc., today known as Gibson Musical Instruments. Obviously (more…)

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