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Coppock Guitars

Vintage Rarities from the Pacific Northwest

Circa 1957 Coppock Deluxe photo: Peter Blecha, instrument courtesy Terry Davis. The obscure Coppock brand of electric guitars first surfaced in 1994, with the publication of Electric (more…)

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Gibson Humbucker

50 Years of Crunchy, Clean Dirt

The 1955 Gibson Les Paul that served as the PAF test guitar, with its longtime companion Gibson GA-55 Ranger amp. Photo: Ward Meeker/Doug Yellow Bird. Guitar courtesy Gil Hembree. Gibson and Fender may be the longstanding heavyweight rivals of the electric guitar game, but they (more…)

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Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale

Blowin Down the Road

It’s fitting that The Road To Escondido, the long-awaited collaboration between Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale – a concept that seems, on the surface, to be so obvious, at least to fans – took decades to materialize. Cale, in (more…)

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Bixonic Expandora 2000R

Full-Range Distortion

Bixonic Expandora 2000R. Bixonic introduced the Expandora distortion/fuzz pedal in 1995, and it quickly became popular among guitarists the likes of Billy Gibbons, Joe Satriani, Megadeth, and Bootsy Collins. The original Expandora was loved, but had its drawbacks, such as having its DIP (more…)

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Jake Armerding – Walking on the World


Jake Armerding’s third solo release has a wider musical scope than his earlier releases, but his songwriting is more focused, articulate, and poignant. Like many talented young songwriters, the traditional genres of folk, bluegrass, and blues can’t be used to pigeonhole Armerding’s music. The sources include traditional (more…)

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Experience Hendrix


Had fate and negligence not interfered, Jimi Hendrix would have turned 65 in 2008 – only five years older than Bruce Springsteen, four older than Carlos Santana, two older than John Fogerty, and 18 years younger than B.B. King, all of whom are still going strong. (more…)

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Shedding Light on the Genius…

Mick Taylor

Taylor strums a flat-top with The Rolling Stones in early 1973. Photo copyright Marty Temme. The mid/late 1960s were a fertile and progressive time for rock guitar, with “Swinging London” serving as the birthplace and incubator for the blues-rock idiom, in particular, as budding English (more…)

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Murph Squire 11-T


1965 Murph Squire 11-T We live in a golden age, with an incredible selection of guitars available in virtually any price range. But if there ever was another golden age, the 1960s are in line for the nomination. While the across-the-board quality (more…)

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Gibson Roy Smeck Electric Tenor Banjo


Photo by Julie Woods. At the dawn of electrical amplification, no one knew where the new technology would take stringed instruments (or keyboard instruments, for that matter). As the electric Hawaiian guitar caught on and changed the sound of Hawaiian music, instrument makers realized that (more…)

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Gary Moore

Still Got the Blues - Again!

Moore with his mid-’60s Gibson ES-335 in early 2006. Photo: Harry Herd/Redferns. Whether playing rock or blues, Gary Moore has always possessed a distinct and identifiable style. While he is well-known for (more…)

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