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Supro Thunderbolt


Valco, the Chicago-based maker of amplifiers such as Supro, Gretsch, and Oahu, began its history around 1942 amidst the Hawaiian music craze. By the late 1960s, it had become roughly the third largest amp manufacturer in the U.S., only to disappear from the radar screen (more…)

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Alex Skolnick

Jazz-Box Paradox

The album starts off with “Detroit Rock City,” and includes other covers, like the Who’s “Pinball Wizard” and two Scorpions tunes, among others. The final track is a version of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” that clocks in at 10:33. A heavy metal tribute album? (more…)

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Ry Cooder and Manuel Galbn – Mambo Sinuendo


Ry Cooder is a guitarist with an ear tuned to a past no one else hears anymore. Inspired by the music of old-time Havana, he brought together a troupe of master Cuban musicians to record 1997’s sensational Buena Vista Social Club. In (more…)

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Crazy – The Demo Sessions


There once was a time when Willie Nelson was just another starving songwriter trying to make it in music city. Stories abound of songs he tried to sell for $50. During the early ’60s he made (more…)

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Chris Knight – The Jealous Kind


Occasionally, I hear a disk that grabs me so hard during the first 10 seconds that it makes me stop whatever I’m doing and just plunk my scrawny butt down to listen. Chris Knight’s The Jealous Kind did exactly that. Knight has (more…)

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Tony Nobles Resonator

Museum-Bound Resonator

This guitar is a special project built after I was approached by the new Braunfels (Texas) Museum of Art and Music to show a guitar in an exhibit of Texas musical instrument builders. This exhibit was to coincide with a the traveling Smithsonian exhibit (more…)

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Asphalt Jungle – Electro Ave.


I know this kind of music raises the hackles of some guitarists. It’s a rock/electronica mix that sounds a little different. Jeff Beck drew the ire of lots of players doing this stuff. Well, here guitarist Brian Tarquin and producer/programmer Chris (more…)

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June 2006


FEATURES IN DETAIL Gretsch’s 1953-’57 Duo Jet Gibson’s Les Paul and ES-295 gave credibility to painted guitars, and by the mid ’50s Gretsch was making all of its new models available in swanky colors, including its workhorse, the solidbody Duo Jet. By R.J. Klimpert GIBSON K-4 MANDOCELLO Gibson was founded as a mandolin builder in […]

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Marty Friedman

Unleashed in the East

Marty Friedman made his mark as one of the foremost shredders of the ’80s when he teamed up with guitarist Jason Becker in Cacophony. He achieved greater celebrity after joining Megadeth in late 1990 as the group’s third lead (more…)

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