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VG Price Guide 2010


With FREE shipping in the U.S. *$5.95 in Canada. $7.95 in all other countries. The guitar is one of the most esteemed collectible objects in our society. Offering artistry in both its construction and its function, no other objet d’ art (more…)

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Randall MTS RM50/RM100

For the gotta-have-more tube amp lover

After trying to get together for several years, in 2002, tube amp guru Bruce Egnater officially joined forces with Randall Amplification. The result? Randall’s MTS guitar amps! With its interchangeable all-tube preamp modules, the MTS (more…)

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David Grissom

Passion + Discipline = Success

At the end of his clinic at the National Guitar Workshop in July, after two information-packed hours of tips on equipment, technique, session work, and more, David Grissom was asked, “When you were a teenager starting to play (more…)

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Amos Garrett – Acoustic Album


I’ve always thought Amos Garrett was responsible for one of the most brilliant guitar solos in pop/rock history – his amazing work on Maria Muldaur’s “Midnight at the Oasis.” No matter what you think of that song, if you aren’t struck by the brilliant (more…)

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John Fogerty – Déja vu All Over Again


Much of what is written about this record will have to do with the subject matter of the title cut – an anti-war song where Fogerty compares the Iraq situation to Vietnam, and even weaves the bass line (more…)

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Burton Garr – Home of the Blues


I’ve been chomping at the bit to get the word out on this articulate, contemporary Louisiana blues man. There must be something in the water that runs between Memphis and Baton Rouge, ‘cuz The B. Garr Band has that geographical (more…)

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Larry Carlton – Sapphire Blue


In his interview with VG (October ’00), Larry Carlton said he wanted to record a blues album. With this import, he has fulfilled his wish. It’s not a straight blues album, but there are definitely songs that fit in no other category. (more…)

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Kenny Burrell – The Best Of Kenny Burrell


The good thing about compiling a Kenny Burrell “best of” is, since his 1956 solo debut, it’s hard to find any clinkers; the hard part is knowing where to begin and when to stop. The fact is, several (more…)

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John Lennon – Rock ‘N’ Roll


In 1975, ex-Beatle Lennon paid homage to his rock and roll roots – something Paul McCartney wouldn’t get around to until 1999’s Run Devil Run. Lennon’s early-rock credentials were beyond repute, as anyone who ever heard the Beatles’ versions of “Money” or (more…)

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National Res-O-Glas

Map-Shaped Mayhem

Anyone who thinks ’60s Valco/National Res-O-Glas electrics look weird now ought to reflect on what the reaction might have been back then. The bodies of this bizarre lineup were molded in halves from a resin/fiberglass compound and the portions snapped into a rubber strip at the seam. Factor in other oddball Valco doodads like “Gumby-shaped” […]

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