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The Subdudes – Miracle Mule

Miracle Mule

Most contemporary bands can’t help but sound somewhat like another band. The Subdudes manage to avoid this pitfall by drawing from so many musical influences that their final synthesis becomes unique. They blend Cajun roots with an urbane mixture of rock, country, (more…)

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Deep Seven – Rapid Serve

Rapid Serve

I love stuff like this. Deep Seven is a quartet of very odd designs. With guitar (Paul Diethelm, Johnny Lang’s touring rhythm guitarist), keyboards (the wonderful Jeff Olson), bass(Mike Zeleny), and drums(Jay O’Donnell), you’d expect standard stuff from a standard lineup. (more…)

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Parker NiteFly Mojo Flame

Get Yer Mojo Workin'!

When Parker Fly guitars were introduced in July, 1993, they were strange aliens from a distant guitar planet, sporting a radical design, composite body, and neck, and one of the most original headstocks in history. I loved the concept, (more…)

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Rodney Crowell – Fate’s Right Hand

Fate's Right Hand

Rodney Crowell’s new album, Fate’s Right Hand, explores personal landscapes similar to those he first examined in his 2002 release The Houston Kid, but the final results are less musically satisfying. Perhaps the differences between this new album and his last (more…)

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Gil Parris – Blue Thumb

Blue Thumb

I first ran across Gil Parris on his 1998 self-titled release. It was a doozy that showed off his considerable guitar skills covering the gamut of jazz, blues, and country. This release does more of the same. Parris has got the (more…)

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1952 Bigsby Doubleneck


Few instruments combine excellent craftsmanship, historical significance in the development and evolution of the guitar, and memorabilia appeal as much as this Bigsby guitar, custom made in 1952 for the late, great Nashville session player Grady Martin. Paul Bigsby was not the first man to make a solidbody guitar. Rickenbacker introduced a Spanish-neck version of […]

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March 2005


FEATURES 50 YEARS OF CRUNCHY, CLEAN DIRT Gibson advanced electric guitar technology with the introduction of the humbucking pickup in 1955. Patented in ’59, it changed the world of popular music and the electric guitar. Plus, a new PAF shoot-out! By Gil Hembree THE BASS SPACE Carvin DN640K Doubleneck instruments have always been a unique […]

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Line 6 Variax Acoustic


After proving my love for luthiery from both sides of the workbench, as a builder of 25 years and a buyer/player, why have I ordered a Variax Acoustic 700 modeling guitar? It’s not really an acoustic or even an (more…)

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Shawn Lane – All For Today

All For Today

Being part of a successful band can be a mixed blessing. You work regularly and play your music for a large audience, but because it is a band, you can only stray so far from the group’s core sound. Solo (more…)

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Larry Coryell – Tricycles


Anyone remember when Larry Coryell was one of the youngbloods of jazz guitar? Sheesh, I must be getting a bit “advanced” in age, eh? Through the years, there’s never been a doubt in my mind that Larry’s chops were as strong as anyone’s. (more…)

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