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Mark Selby – More Storms Comin’

More Storms Comin'

Mark Selby is best known as a songwriter. He’s written songs covered by the likes of the Dixie Chicks and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. But, here, on his Vanguard debut, he rocks out as his own man. It’s nice (more…)

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Gerald Weber – Advanced Tube Guitar Amplifier

Advanced Tube Guitar Amplifier

Gerald Weber is back with his third video on the inner workings of tube amps. It should be noted at the outset that this video is geared to advanced technicians (Weber has other videos for beginners). In this one, (more…)

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Model 2020


Like most things, the closer you look at certain phenomena, the more you find often subtle, unexpected surprises. A good example is this Ibanez Model 2020, which dates from around 1970, at the very beginning of the so-called “copy era.” While Japanese guitar companies were beginning (more…)

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Kim Wilson – Lookin’ For Trouble

Lookin' For Trouble

What can you add to the legacy of one of the greatest harmonica players of all time? Perhaps a second legacy of developing a generation of great unknown guitarists within the confines of his bands. Fortunately for the readers of this magazine, Wilson (more…)

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Darcy Kuronen – Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar

Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar

The Museum of Fine Arts is mounting a retrospective outlining 400 years of guitar design and history (VG November ’00). Although the guitar has become the dominant instrument in popular music over the past 50 years, its history can be traced to the (more…)

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Bruce Conte – Bullet Proof

Bullet Proof

Be honest; if you played R&B-based guitar in the mid ’70s and were looking to extend your blues vocabulary, you stole licks from this Tower Of Power alumnus. It’s great to hear Bruce Conte again. His style is as definable as any of (more…)

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Phil Upchurch – Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

Phil Upchurch is no stranger. He’s been around a long time, playing sessions with everyone from Jimmy Reed to Cannonball Adderly to Sheena Easton. And he was the rhythm guitarist for George Benson’s great pop/jazz albums like Breezin’ and In (more…)

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Chet Atkins and Mel Cochran – Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars

Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars

Chet Atkins has a deserved reputation as a great guitar player and all-around nice guy. So it’s a pleasure to see a book that is part biography and part history of his personal guitars. Atkins is (more…)

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The Siegel-Schwall Band – The Complete Vanguard Recordings

The Complete Vanguard Recordings

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Siegel-Schwall Band – although I can’t really figure out why. During the mid/late ’60s blues revival, harpist Corky Siegel and guitarist Jim Schwall played second fiddle to Windy (more…)

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Various Artists – Going Driftless: An Artist’s Tribute to Greg Brown

Going Driftless: An Artist's Tribute to Greg Brown

Greg Brown proves you don’t have to be a model-handsome MTV poster-boy with a beautiful voice and sizzling guitar chops to be a successful singer/songwriter. Writing great songs is the primary (more…)

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