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Greg Trooper – Floating


Singer/songwriters are a lot like fleas during the summer; they’re everywhere, but you don’t notice them until they bite you someplace sensitive. Greg Trooper writes songs that can penetrate even the thickest skin and reach right down to your heart. Floating, Trooper’s first release for Sugar (more…)

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Pat Metheny Group – Speaking of Live Now

Speaking of Live Now

Hard to believe, but we’ve been listening to Pat Metheny and his groups for almost three decades. At times, we take ol’ Pat for granted. Face it, the guy’s an amazing guitarist. His band, usually anchored by him and (more…)

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Joe Bonamassa – Blues Deluxe

Blues Deluxe

Blues Deluxe? Absolutely! Anyone who has followed Joe’s career knows the diversity he possesses. The multiple-genre approach can be the bane of great guitarists. But when you have talent that displays no parameters, why not explore the edge? Bonamassa has done (more…)

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Matt Rae – Twang!


I’ve never been a Tele guy. I just have never found one I loved to play. However, every now and then a record comes along by a guy who just scorches the earth with a Tele. You know the guys – Albert Lee, (more…)

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Bob Schneider – I’m Good Now

I'm Good Now

Singer/songwriter whose subject matter spans love to hate, happiness to abject despair. While not exactly lighthearted, anyone who likes their music with a bit of meat on it will find plenty to chew on here. This article originally appeared (more…)

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Larry Carlton/Steve Lukather – No Substitutions

No Substitutions

I don’t really know what to say about this one. It’s just a good, old-fashioned jam by a couple of great guitarists. To no one’s surprise, they’re both up to the task. The five songs here cover almost an hour that’s (more…)

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Parliament – Funked Up: The Very Best of Parliament

Funked Up: The Very Best of Parliament

Like the man said, “Make my funk the P-Funk. I wants to get funked up.” This is not the first “best of” by George Clinton and troop, but it is the best (more…)

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Rickenbacker A22

Frying Pan

The Rickenbacker model A22 lap steel was the first commercially available electric guitar. Although it bears the brand name “Rickenbacker,” it was actually the brainchild of George Beauchamp. In the 1920s, Beauchamp was a talented vaudeville performer, as well as a tinkerer and inventor. He started experimentation with amplifying instruments as early as (more…)

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Supertone Gene Autry Roundup 1938


1938 Supertone Gene Autry Roundup. Photo: Michael Wright. In the depths of the Great Depression, people turned to entertainment for distraction. Not that there was much to be had when cash was in short supply, but two inexpensive (more…)

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Gary Moore

Back to the Rock

Irish guitarist Gary Moore first came to prominence in an combo called Skid Row, and played with Thin Lizzy when his friend, Phil Lynott, fronted that aggregation. He was also the “M” in a band called BBM in the (more…)

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