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Melancon Custom Artist and P-90 Artist


Hailing from Louisiana, Gerard Melancon is a former professional gigging and studio player who parlayed experience on the road and as a guitar repairman into a devout attitude toward building instruments. He is meticulous about (more…)

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Groovy Eyes – High Flyin’ But No Foolin’

High Flyin' But No Foolin'

What the hell’s going on in Finland? It seems like every act I hear from there is amazing, regardless of genre – from the instrumental surf of Laika & The Cosmonauts to the angelic harmonies of Varttina; (more…)

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Gibson SJ-200

On the Trail to the Original

Is this the first Gibson SJ-200? Maybe. Technically, Gibson called it the Special L-5, but it is also known in guitar lore as the prototype SJ-200. Photos courtesy of Ken Grosslight. In the ever-widening (more…)

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August 2004


FEATURES THE BASS SPACE The Kramer Duke If you think the headless, downsized Duke series was conceived and designed as a copy of the groundbreaking Steinberger bass, think again. That’s not half of the story. By Willie G. Moseley GRESTCH 6120 TENOR GUITAR Gretsch was not alone in making tenors. Martin, Gibson, and Epiphone all […]

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