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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Sam Phillips – Fan Dance

Fan Dance

Sam Phillips has reinvented herself. Her big star pop persona is gone, replaced by a starkly gothic singer/songwriter with an album that screams to be heard. Phillips has moved from Virgin Records and its big-time/big-budget productions that propelled her to pop stardom with 1988′s The Indescribable Wow and 1996′s Omnipop. Signed now to the highly […]

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Philip Campbell

Decibel Level Be Damned

We recently caught up with Motorhead guitarist Philip Campbell to talk about his influences, the new album, and the band’s efforts. Vintage Guitar: You’ve been a guitarist for Motorhead longer than anyone else. Philip Campbell: Eighteen and a half years… I’ve been with Lemmy longer than any of ‘em. It’s like a family! Lemmy’s from […]

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Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis – Great Guitars Live

Great Guitars Live

Call it a gimmick if you will, but the Great Guitars super trio of Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, and Herb Ellis made some great music. The concept came by accident. Byrd’s own trio was booked on a joint tour with Kessel’s group. “We would play, then they would play a set, then we would jam […]

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David Clayton and Todd K. Smith – Free: Heavy Load

Free: Heavy Load

This epic chronicles the story of the seminal British blues/rock band Free. Leaving no stone unturned, and with the help of more than 400 photos, authors David Clayton and Todd K. Smith have painstakingly detailed the rise and fall of the band from its early pub gig days in late-’60s London through the massive chart […]

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Green Amps

Turning America Green

It hit Joel Wheeler in a flash of white light, a memory fried extra crispy into his brain. Just how you’d picture an epiphany to be, right? A random sentence from a recent acquaintance – five words from a bass player, in this case – knocking the soul for a loop, a sense of clarity […]

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Ed Gerhard – House of Guitars

House of Guitars

There are a number of us who find joy in collecting pawnshop guitars – you know the type, cheap, affordable, and ever so quirky. There’s a certain pleasure in having one of these beaters that you can drag to the beach while keeping the good wood at home. However, there are few among us who […]

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Nick Forster – Country Swing Back-up Guitar

Country Swing Back-up Guitar

Country Swing Back-up Guitar Taught by Nick Forster, with guest fiddle by Tim O’Brien Homespun I see Nick Forster face to face nearly every week in my role as the official E-Town photographer (E-Town is a nationally syndicated radio show hosted and produced by Nick and his wife, Helen). It’s sort of odd seeing a […]

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The Band – Rock of Ages: The Band in Concert

Rock of Ages: The Band in Concert

This late album by The Band needs little introduction. By the time it was originally released – Rock of Ages in ’72 – The Band had made its mark both on its own and by backing of Bob Dylan. While these albums both included some solid music, they were far from the group’s best. While […]

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Storyville – A Piece of Your Soul

A Piece of Your Soul

Storyville is an Austin, Texas, supergroup made up of SRV’s old Double Trouble pals Chris Layton (drums) and Tommy Shannon (bass), along with guitarslingers David Grissom and David Holt. The band is fronted by singer Malford Milligan. Together, they take a batch of formulaic rock and roll tunes and lift them far out of the […]

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Pollo Del Mar – The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

If you’re excessively monolingual, you might not know that Pollo del Mar translates to “chicken of the sea.” I like it just for that. But I like it for other reasons, too. The band bases its sound in surf music, but they do so much more. There is no “formula” at all. They’re a very […]

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