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Les Paul

Birth of a Guitar Icon

Fifty years ago, Gibson’s new Les Paul Model was quickly becoming one of the company’s most popular guitars, and (though there was no way of knowing it at the time) was on its way to achieving mythical status in the realm of the electric solidbody. With the recent observation of the model’s golden anniversary, Vintage […]

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Peterson VS-1 Tuner

The accurate, real-time tuner goes mobile

Most guitar techs will tell you that there has always been a void between small battery-powered tuners and full-blown rotating disc strobe tuners; the small ones are not all that accurate or steady-reading, while rotating disc (more…)

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Brad Gillis

Weekends and Warriors

The California aggregation known as Night Ranger came to prominence in popular music during the advent of MTV, but few realize the band existed earlier with a slightly different moniker. Guitarist Brad Gillis has also played with Ozzy Osbourne, and has (more…)

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Howard Alden – My Shining Hour


This is the kind of playing I would give parts of my body to master. It’s just Howard, his guitar, and a batch of great songs. And, Howard has mastered them. And to the best of my knowledge he’s (more…)

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Roomful of Blues – The Blues’ll Make You Happy, Too

The Blues'll Make You Happy, Too

Rounder has launched a new Heritage Series that kicks off in righteous fashion with this retrospective of Roomful of Blues’ seven Rounder albums. In guitar terms, this collection covers Roomful of Blues from the journeyman days of (more…)

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Martin Taylor – In Concert

In Concert

After finishing Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” – following his tongue-in-cheek, herky jerky, impossible-to-snap-your-fingers-to intro with a laughably fast walking bass figure, over which he somehow threads both melody and comping chords (simultaneously) – Martin Taylor says of the composer, “He’s probably turning in his (more…)

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Tom Principato – Not One Word

Not One Word

Tom’s put out some stuff on record before, and it’s been pretty good. This one’s a little bit different. As the title says, there’s not one word. It’s all instrumental, and Tom does a great job of letting his (more…)

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Bay State Parlor Guitar

Play It In Any Room!

The parlor guitar. Designed by Mr. Parlor? No. First manufactured by the Parlor, Inc? No. Endorsed by the well-known recording artist, Parlor? Now don’t be silly, of course not! Then why (more…)

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Sean Watkins – Let It Fall

Let It Fall

Sean Watkins is one third of the young Grammy-nominated supergroup Nickel Creek. Along with his sister Sara and mando phenom Chris Thile, they’ve lit up the festival circuit with fresh musical energy. Let it Fall is Sean’s first solo album, (more…)

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Dolly Parton – Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow

When honky-tonk hero Merle Haggard found himself in the unlikely role of pop star, with the hits “Okie From Muskogee” and “The Fightin’ Side Of Me,” he wasted little time using his increased clout to pay his respects to idols like Jimmie Rodgers, Bob (more…)

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