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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Will Ray

Gets the blues and Pays Homage to his inspirations

The life and times of country/rock/blues/allstylesinone guitar genius Will Ray are well-documented. Born in Virginia, raised on the music of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Ian and Sylvia, Elvis, and Ray & Glover, he started playing guitar at 16, listening to records by the Stones, Clapton, Bloomfield, and others. After high school, he joined the Army […]

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Acoustic Amplifiers

Early Acoustic amplifiers

I’m not really an amp guy, but I have two early Acoustic catalogs, from early ’73 and ’74. We might as well document the amps therein, since you’re going to find them and few are out there talking about these solidstate babies while the tube-hegemony reigns. Among the innovations Acoustic claimed for itself was first […]

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Lace California Twister

Just This Side of Twisted

When most people go shopping for a new guitar, they look for one with a nice, straight neck. But maybe we’ve been doing it all wrong… The California-based Lace company (of Lace Sensor fame) recently introduced three guitar models that sport what it calls a “dual patented headstock system,” which, in non-technical terms, is designed […]

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Kat Dyson

A Reason to Celebrate

“Patience, perseverance, and purpose. If you’ve got those three things in anything you choose – whether it’s music or anything – it’s gonna take an act of God to stop you!” Strong words from a strong lady – guitarist/vocalist, composer, and artist Kat Dyson, whose ambition and talent have made her a musical force. Her […]

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Kim Simmonds – Blues Like Midnight

Blues Like Midnight

While the press release promotes this CD as a departure for Kim Simmonds, to this writer it would seem one more facet of this veteran guitarist’s musical personality. On Blues Like Midnight, Simmonds explores the acoustic side of the hue, drawing on influences from Gary Davis to JJ Cale. For the most part unaccompanied, using […]

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Sacred Steel Convention – Train Don’t Leave Me

Train Don't Leave Me

When Arhoolie Records’ Chris Strachwitz stumbled onto Mance Lipscomb, the amazing 65-year-old Texas bluesman and songster who had never recorded, in 1960, it was a bit like an anthropologist coming across a saber-toothed tiger or a woolly mammoth. We knew they existed once, but no one had seen one in a while. But when the […]

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Charles Sawtelle – Music from Rancho DeVille

Music from Rancho DeVille

Music from Rancho DeVille is a loveletter from across the grave. Charles Sawtelle passed away Mach 21, 1999, of complications from leukemia. The last several years of his life were spent recuperating from chemotherapy treatments and making recordings in his home studio, a small stone outbuilding called Rancho DeVille. He entrusted Laurie Lewis with the […]

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Hagstrom Guitars

The Fastest Necks

Ca. ’73 Hagstrom Viking I N also known in the U.S. as the Scandia. Part 2 This month we continue the Hagstrom saga. To recap: the Hagstrom company was founded by Albin Hgstrom (1905-1952) in Alvdalen, Sweden in 1921 as an accordion importing firm. In late ’31/early ’32, Hagstrom set up his own factory and […]

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Fulltone Clyde Wah

Vintage Tone For Modern Players

The original Vox Clyde McCoy wah pedals of the late 1960s are high on the list of soughtafter vintage effects. They were widely used during live performances and on legendary recordings by players such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. Because of both the historic value and the distinct sound they […]

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Eliza Gilkyson – Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Some great talents manage to operate for years just below the radar of the star-making machinery of the popular song. Eliza Gilkyson is a case in point. Lost and Found is her second album on Red House Records, and her seventh album since ’87. Originally from Los Angeles, and daughter of songwriter Terry Gilkyson, Eliza […]

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