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Marshall Crenshaw – The 9-Volt Years


I’ve always thought of Marshall Crenshaw as one of the true pop-rock geniuses. His music follows a direct line from Lennon and McCartney to Brian Wilson to everyone who ever has jangled a guitar. This CD might be for fanatics only, but (more…)

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Norm Harris with David Swartz – Norman’s Rare Guitars


What is it about a “coffee table” book? Is it that they are wonderful objects as well as colorful books? They cover virtually all subjects from cars to architecture, furniture to boats. There’s something engaging (more…)

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Rick Gram Tone Zone Pedals

Lots of the promised tone, no noise

Rick Gram’s Woman Tone Overdrive, Franken Tone, and Catch-A-Buzz overdrive and distortion effects are designed and hand-built. And despite limited production, they carry a much lower pricetag than many other boutique pedals. All three (more…)

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Omar And The Howlers – Swingland


I first ran across Omar Dykes in the mid ’80s when I heard a bluesy radio-ready rock album called Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty. I liked it, and some quick research dug up more rootsy stuff that showed him and the Howlers to (more…)

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Bob Dylan – Live 1966: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert


The history of rock and roll is marked by a handful of famous (or infamous) concerts that defined eras for better or worse. Among these landmark shows were the Beatles’ last U.S. tour, (more…)

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Junior Wells – Keep On Steppin’: The Best of Junior Wells


The recent death of Junior Wells marked the end of an era, leaving behind his legacy and lots of great music. This “best of” CD draws from Wells’ four previous Telarc (more…)

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Cesar Rosas – Soul Disguise


I’ve been of the opinion for a couple of years now that Los Lobos is one of the finest rock bands around. Rosas is one of the singer/guitarists in that band. This is his first solo album, and it’s a doozy. (more…)

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Ampeg Horizontal Basses

From Liden, NJ. to Linden Avenue, Burbank, CA.

The Ampeg Horizontal Bass, perhaps because of its rarity and odd beauty, has become quite a collector’s item. And because production records for Ampeg products were lost or destroyed after various (more…)

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Tuck Andress

Fretboard wizard of Tuck and Patti

Since 1978, guitar virtuoso Tuck Andress, recognized as a premier player of jazz and contemporary standard music, has enjoyed one of the most enduring and creative musical partnerships accompanying wife and collaborator Patti Cathcart. Together, (more…)

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Tim O’Brien – Two Journeys


In his recent VG interview, Tim O’Brien mentioned that his next release would be more of a “songwriter” CD. Instead, his latest, Two Journeys, is an extension of his album, The Crossing, which drank deep from his Irish background for its musical (more…)

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